This is an experience for YOU. An open invitation to remind yourself that you are art.


You will not leave this session looking at yourself the same way.



This is an experience for YOU. An open invitation to remind yourself that you are art.


You will not leave this session looking at yourself the same way.




 You will arrive to the studio and we will choose some outfits specifically for you. You can absolutely bring your own clothes/toys (props) you want to include, otherwise I carry sizes xs-4x. This includes shoes and accessories annnddddddd VS angel wings in black or white! We will style 1-3 outfits.

 However, clothing is always optional <3  

 If you are concerned about finding a piece that fits, we can set up a fitting prior to your session.

Makeup is included entirely complimentary, including false lashes. If you choose to have your own makeup done, please let me know in advance.


Please make sure you set aside 3 hours for your session, which includes time for your makeup. I'll walk you through everything. Do not worry about posing, facial expressions, or lighting. It's all on me and my job is to make you feel as comfortable as possible. And yes, you can bring your partner to either be there for support, or to join in for photos! 


You and I will sit down together and select your favorite images. You can choose from a variety of print products, or go digital! Reveals can be scheduled the same day, or up to 1 week after your session.

So, how much is this?

A session fee of $450 is due to reserve your date. Only the session fee is due at the time of your booking unless you arrange a pre-payment plan. This includes your time in the studio, the gorgeous makeover, access to the client closet, and your reveal. All prints and products are purchased at the reveal as they are not included in your session fee. Pre-payment and post-payment plans available with contract. Payment plans start as low as $100/month.


Please note that all images not purchased the day of the reveal are automatically purged within' 5 days.

Pricing & Packages


10x10" Album w/ 30 Images

Full Digital File Collection

FREE 10-image Folio Box

FREE Boudie-viewer

FREE Little Black Book

Upgrade to the 12x12" Album for an additional $299



8x8" Album w/ 20 images

30 digital images

FREE 8x12" Metal or Acrylic Print

FREE Little Black Book



10-image Folio Box

15 Digital Images



5 Digital Images


A La Carte

Custom sizes available upon request.

Folio Box

10 images: $1500

15 images: $2000

20 images: $2500


8x8" (20 Images): $1650

10x10" (30 Images): $2,050

12x12" (40 Images): $2,350

Any purchases are due the day of your image reveal and order session. Any images not purchased at the reveal will be purged within 5 days. PayPal Credit and in house payment plans are options for those that need a payment plan. 

PAYMENT PLAN ARRANGEMENTS NEED TO BE ARRANGED PRIOR TO SESSION DATE. You can set up a pre-payment plan so you can have your package available ASAP, if you choose to upgrade at your reveal, your payments will be applied to your order. Post-payment plans are available but photos will not be delivered until your payment is paid in full.


Are my images shared everywhere?

When signing your contract you can select for your images to be private or shared in my VIP group, or publicly. If you want your photos used on social media platforms or not is entirely up to you.

Can I extend the session on the day of?

Yes, you may, depending on the circumstances of your session.

Are your items like the shower or wings available?

Yes, there is no additional fee but I must be notified prior if you are planning on using either or.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Most packages come with a print release where you are able to print at the lab of your choice. However, at Dear Me Boudoir, we do offer a variety of professional grade prints.

What type of boudoir sessions do you offer?

Couples, maternity, single, and themed boudoir sessions are included. You can also opt for a modest boudoir session or fully nude.

How do your payment plans work?

Payment plans are tailored to your needs. You will put a card/bank info on file and it will come out on the dates you selected. Once your payment plan is finished, you will receive your images.

Can I do a payment plan for the session fee?

Yes, but it must be set up on a prepayment plan only.

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